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Dallas Hand Rehabilitation Information

Summer 2008

Dallas Hand Rehabilitation is an upper extremity practice that provides out-patient rehabilitation with a certified hand therapist on staff. For over 25 years, DHR has treated injury and disease of the upper body with a strong emphasis on preventative care.

Treatment intervention may include the following:
     * Non-surgical intervention of repetitive strain injuries.
     * Postoperative rehabilitation
     * Reconditioning and strengthening
     * Advanced splinting
     * Education and home programming
     * Functional Capacity Evaluation
     * Job site visits
     * Wellness instruction

As owner and director of DHR, I am committed to work as a team with the doctor, injured worker, case manager, employer and family to help the patient prevent injury and when necessary, to regain maximum function after injury. I have been an occupational therapist twenty years, a charter member of the American Society of Hand Therapists, and a Certified Hand Therapist (CHT) since 1991. In addition to the injured worker, we are a participating Medicare provider and have numerous managed care contracts.

Rehabilitation equipment and services include:

  1. Several pain modalities -- hydrocollator and microwave for hot packs, cold packs, and paraffin bath.
  2. Wound care i.e. whirlpool, debridement tools with sterilization capabilities and bandaging supplies.
  3. A large variety of both static and dynamic commercially made splints and other prefabricated splint supplies.
  4. Custom splint fabrication using thermoplastic materials and in-house equipment.
  5. Standardized evaluations for upper extremity function, dexterity, strength, coordination, range of motion, and edema.
  6. BTE work simulator.
  7. Physical Agent Modalities.
  8. A Large variety of therapeutic devices for strengthening, coordination, and dexterity.
  9. Therapuetic settings designed for both for individual and group therapy, with various table and chair layouts and styles.
  10. Educational books, videos, audio guides, and necessary playback equipment for patient and staff education.

Mary Ann Appleby, MA, OTR, CHT